• Sorry

    Do to unforeseen circumstances we where not able to hold the tournament this week. we will try to either make it up or just move it to next Friday 11-27-2015 if we can get enough people since this will be black Friday.  I do apologize for this.

  • Server Upgrades!

    On Monday 8-11-2014 I will be taking the servers down for a short time to change out a bad GPU.

    On Tuesday 8-12-2014 I will be taking the servers down for about an hour or two in the evening to change the entire server. This needs to be done to prevent further trouble from happening. I do apologize that i have to do this but it should stop future trouble.

    in an un-related manner, if anyone wants a Full ATX case I will have one for free.  😛


    The New upgrade in case someone wanted to know. lol

    Asus GPUAsus GPU 2


    ASUS HD7770-2GD5 ships with 1020MHz overclocked GPU and 2GB GDDR5 that offers gamers and video enthusiasts an incredible experience. ASUS HD7770-2GD5 built with DIGI+ VRM and Super Alloy Power technology for precise digital delivery and enhanced durability. Besides, ASUS HD7770-2GD5 also comes with exclusive GPU Tweak utility, which allows users to modify clock speeds, voltages, and fan performance.

  • Another Server issue

    I had to take down all the server yesterday 8-5-14 due to a GPU over heating. I will be buying a new GPU and when i do i will try to give some advanced notice. As i will have to take all the servers down for a short while. This GPU has lasted my 5 years and still plays the latest games, but sadly it is time to get replaced and get upgraded to something better. Than fan is dead, so it is over heating very rapidly. If we should go offline without notice this may be why. Sorry for the troubles.

  • Having a DNS issue currently

    I have noticed today that the intentgamingnetwork.com is not resolving in some DNS servers.  I am currently working on this issue to find a solution. I hope this is resolved very quickly. The site seams to load fine, but the TeamSpeak server wont resolve. I need to find their DNS server and get it updated.

    Thanks for you patience if you are having trouble. If not then ignore this it should not effect you if it is not effecting you right now.



  • For all those having trouble with TeamSpeak

    Microsoft has taken down a lot of domains due to spamming and maliciousness activities.  Those of you that still use the old no-ip.org to access any of the game or voice servers, you will be required to change you connection to just http://intentgamingnetwork.com and get rid of the old no-ip.org address that many are still using. I am sorry but there is nothing I can do about this. If you would like more information on this here is a Link to the page that explains why and what is being done to resolve this issue. SORRY!

  • need some activity on here

    Need some more people getting in here and make some new threads. I am slowly working on getting this going. I am having a hard time getting some of the old sites to transfer over. But I do hope that here soon i can get more and more moved over and get more people to look at this and like our little page. Feel free to join, comment, subscribe and chat.